Month in brief

Death sentence for Dalit killers

Six people received the death penalty for the ‘honour killing’of a man from India’s Dalit community in Tamil Nadu in 2016. The22-year-old, hacked to death on a busystreet in daylight, was murdered for marrying a woman from a higher Hindu caste. The bride was also injured in the attack and her father, who admitted carrying out the killing, was one of those sentenced to death.

Fears over fake currency

Forgery specialists at South Korea’s KEB Hana Bank fear North Korea has resumed counterfeiting $100 dollar bills so authentic they are indistinguishable from the real thing. A noterecently found at a branch in Seoul is confirmed to be fake and authorities have no idea how many similar notes are now in circulation.The quality of the forgeries has led to suspicion of North Korea, which has a track record of forging foreign banknotes to earn hard currency for the regime.

Atomic Australia

A nuclear test survivor dubbedAustraliaa ‘totally radioactive’ country riddled with cancers and birth defects that mayimpact future generations if the government fails to limit uranium mining and nuclear weapons use. Sue Coleman-Haseldine, 67, grew up in the shadow of ‘Hiroshima-scale’ British nuclear tests carried out at Emu Field and Maralingaduring the 1950s and60s and witnessed their devastating effects. Her warnings havegained global attention, with the Australian International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons recently winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Bad business: Myanmar’s delayed reform

Myanmar is to postpone a long-awaited reform designed to attract further foreign investment to the country. Amid growing doubts over State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi’s handling of the economy, the delayedreform, which would have allowed foreign companies to take up to a 35 per cent stake in Myanmar companies, is likely to impact investor confidence in Suu Kyi’s administration.

Blame game

A Philippine bank accused Bangladesh’s Central Bank (BB) of a cover-up over acyber-heist last year, refuting claims that it was largely to blame. Anonymous hackers moved US $81 million from BB’s account with the US Federal Reserve in New York to a Manila branch of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. It was swiftly withdrawn and laundered through Manila casinos. RCBC is calling it an inside job, while BB insists RCBC was at fault for releasing the stolen money.

Chopper window lands on school

A window from an American CH-53 helicopter landed just 10 metres from children in the grounds of an elementary school in Japan’s southern prefecture of Okinawa. Futenma Daini Elementary School, in the city of Ginowan, is situated beside US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station, where the chopper is posted, and about 50 students were in the sports field at the time. One was hit on the arm but was not hurt.

Military op kills IS fighters

At least 10 Islamic Stateinsurgents were killed during an ongoing military operation by Afghan forces in Nangarhar province. Sherin Aqa Faqir, a spokesman for 201 Selab Military Corps, said that 13 IS fighters were also wounded during the campaign, launched in the province’sKhoghyani district where nine villages have so far been cleared of militants. The forces also defused ten land mines during the operation.




Elephant on the rampage

A rogue elephant attacked a broken-down tour bus on a road near Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley, a protected habitat in southwestern China’s Yunnan province. Onlythe driver was still inside and he escaped uninjured. The animal headbutted the vehiclebefore making its way to anempty pick-up truck nearbyand nearly overturning it.Local forestry authorities said elephants from the reserve frequently stray on to the road.

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