U.S.: Heavy Trade Duties recommended against China

Under Section 301 of the of the Trade Act of 1974, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative recommended April 3 that a 25 percent duty be applied to goods benefiting from specific Chinese industrial policies, Inside U.S. Trade reported. The duty would cover around 1,300 tariff lines, applicable to goods benefiting from the Made in China 2025 policy, worth around $50 billion in total.

Recommended tariffs cover a wide range of industries, including semiconductor fabrication, agricultural equipment, robotics, battery manufacture, aeronautical instrumentation and medical products. China has yet to retaliate against Section 301 tariffs but has released a list of products that will be subject to duties in response to Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminium. U.S. President Donald Trump announced his response to Beijing’s intellectual property policies on March 22, following a seven-month investigation.

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